¡ M e e t  t h e  M a k e r !

​​C O N T A C T 

H O M E  G O O D S

V E S S E L S 

BETWIXTgoods is comprised of artist | maker:
Megan Cronovich 

If you've read the "About Us" section above, you know a little about Megan - She's an introvert+quiet+shy, 
she enjoys the [great] outdoors+plants+gardens+gardening.
To tell you a little more –
Megan is & always has been a maker+artist+crafter.
Her fondness for experimenting was the
foundation & beginning of BETWIXTgoods -
Determined to make pottery with simplicity,
she discovered concrete.
Immediately struck with inspiration & creative challenges, 
Megan dove deep into the very dusty world of concrete good[s]ness.

EXODUS 35:31 - 33


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Los Angeles -
San Diego